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Copyright © 2017 sankha kar. Website for Exhibition pourpose only. Some pictures are from Gulf News or other publication I have been associated with.

About the Work I started my journey of life from a sleepy town in the Eastern Indian State of Tripura, where I grew up among mud houses and lush green landscape. My first stopover was in Kolkata, where my eyes were used to brick and stone structures and the turbid water of Ganges. During my second stopover in Dubai, I was mesmerised by the giant mirrors – on the glass facades on the Dubai cityscape and the crystal clear blue water of the creek.It was not the gigantic buildings, the glass facades or the clear water, but the vibrant, colourful reflections on them which dazzled me. In their fluid balance of colour, line, shape and form, they become art forms on their own. They follow you as you move around the city. Like a kaleidoscope gone haywire. It’s like unframed works of art exhibited all over the city, almost like a surreal spectacle.I started to capture them whenever I got time from my photo journalist’s job for past few years. It’s a never-ending job, but still I managed to frame a few of them to present it

Photography by Sankha